At myReach, we believe in making knowledge management accessible for everyone. That's why we always offer a Free version of our platform, with no limited "Free trial" time.

There are certain limitations such as a cap on the number of nodes and storage space, however we've introduced a unique gamification system that can help you unlock the benefits of myReach Premium without any additional cost.

Here's how you can make the most of the unique myReach pricing system:

  • Free version always available: Enjoy the benefits of myReach with our perpetual Free version, albeit with a few restrictions, including a cap on the number of nodes and storage space.

  • Game your way to Premium: Take advantage of the gamification feature to earn credits for completing various activities, milestones and referring friends to the platform.

  • Use credits for Premium access: Convert your credits into payment for the myReach Premium monthly subscription, granting you access to a host of Premium features and increased storage capacity.

Learn more about how the myReach gamification system works here.