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The Usage Tracker is a valuable tool that helps you keep track of your account's limits, usage and available space.

This feature provides essential information regarding the usage of key resources and interactions within the application.

Go to Profile < Usage

Here's a breakdown of what you can find in the Usage Tracker:

Total Memory Used

Memory Usage Overview: You can easily monitor your total memory consumption. It provides insights into the total amount of memory used, as a percentage and in gigabytes (GB). In the free plan you get 5GB of total space.

Memory Usage Breakdown: The breakdown section offers a detailed view of how your memory is allocated across various types of content. You can see how much memory is used by attachments, albums and documents individually.

Total Nodes Used

Nodes Usage Overview: This section provides a comprehensive overview of your node usage. It displays the total number of nodes you've used and the number of nodes remaining based on your subscription plan. With the free plan, you get 500 nodes.

Nodes Usage Breakdown: This breakdown helps you understand which types of nodes are consuming the most nodes.

Total nodes used

Monthly Ask Rich Messages Used

Message Usage Tracking: Here, you can keep track of your interactions with Rich, the AI assistant. In the free plan you get 50 messages per month.

It shows the number of monthly messages you've used and the remaining messages available for the current month.


This section shows the number of chats you have in your account and how many are pending. In the free plan you get 5 chats.

If you delete a chat for any reason, it's no longer counted.

NOTE: By providing a clear and organised view of resource usage, the Usage Tracker empowers you to manage your account more efficiently. It ensures that you can optimise your memory and node utilisation, stay within your message and recommendation limits, and make informed decisions about your content organisation. It also gives you a perspective of how far from the limits you are, which helps you decide if you should upgrade to Premium.

The Usage Tracker is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to maximise the benefits of myReach.