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Connect myReach with Pocket to save all your websites.


Integrating Pocket with myReach enhances knowledge management by consolidating saved articles and external content within myReach's comprehensive ecosystem.

This integration ensures seamless cross-platform access, efficient retrieval of information, and the ability to leverage Pocket's tagging and categorisation features. You can organise, contextualise, and enrich your knowledge base, fostering a unified and streamlined workflow.

The integration also facilitates content recommendations.

Overall, combining Pocket and myReach optimises the experience, providing a centralised hub for both internally generated and externally curated content.

Steps to Integrate

  1. Go to Profile < Integrations < Pocket

  2. Click Add Pocket

  3. Login to your Pocket account and authorise myReach to access your account

  4. All your saved websites will be imported as Website nodes

    Tags are transformed into Topics (tags) and Websites get connected to the Topics (tags)

    A "Starred" property is created for all your favourites

    An "Archived" property is created for all your archived websites

You can then search for these directly by filtering for the “Starred” or “Archived” property in the search bar. Find out more about searching by Property filter here.

Multiple pocket accounts can be added and a separate Workspace is created for each account.

Pocket Integration options

Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the Pocket integration page to see the options.

1. Go to Workspace – You can easily redirect to the Pocket Workspace using this option.

2. Show History Log - See the Import History of your Pocket integration.

You can see the date when you did the integration along with the number of Nodes created.

3. Remove Integration - You can Remove the Pocket integration using this option.

The Pocket Workspace will also be removed and nodes unique to the Pocket Workspace will be moved to the “Unassigned” Workspace.


  1. There's a cooldown period of 3 hours which means you have to wait 3 hours to do another Pocket integration.