List View

This view presents your nodes in a straightforward list format, making it easy to scroll through and access information.

It’s the default view in myReach, and the one most commonly used. By default, each item displays its title and, in the second line, its description and type. The type indicates whether it's a tag, website, note, album, or another type of item. If there's no description available, other information is shown such as the number of related nodes (Tag) or the memory usage and page count (documents and albums).

Below the search bar, you can choose how you want to order the items, newest to oldest or vice versa. You can also select the sorting method, including:

  • Updated date (by default)

  • Creation Date

  • Alphabetical

List View

In addition, there are also shortcuts and swipes. These are gestures you can use to perform various actions in List View. In the Web App, it’s done by right-clicking on any item. In the Mobile App:

Swipe Left: to send an item to the trash.

Swipe Right: to unfold a range of options:

mailing swipe

  • "Add to": adds the item as a filter for your search. Only nodes directly related to the selected item will be displayed.

  • “Exclude”: searches for everything except things related to that item

  • “Select”: to select multiple items at the same time and do actions in bulk (send to trash, connect to another node, assign to another workspace, add a property, etc).

  • This can also be done by hold-clicking an item.