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Easily import all of your Evernote Notebooks directly into myReach. 📝


Integrating Evernote with myReach offers the following benefits:

  1. Unified Note-Taking: Combine Evernote content with myReach, providing a single platform for comprehensive note management.

  2. Seamless Access: Easily access and organise Evernote notes within myReach, streamlining your workflow.

  3. Enhanced Organisation: Use myReach features to categorise, connect and build relationships between Evernote notes for better organisation.

  4. Unified Knowledge Hub: Create a centralised knowledge hub, fostering a holistic approach to information management.

By integrating Evernote, myReach enriches your note-taking experience and optimises knowledge management.

Steps to Integrate

  1. Go to Profile < Integrations < Evernote

  2. Read the instructions carefully

  3. Click on "Connect Evernote"

  4. Login to Evernote and authorise myReach to access your account

  5. Select the Notebooks you want to import and click "Import Notebooks"

Importing will take time depending on the number of Notebooks.

You can continue using myReach, the import will continue in the background.

All your imported notes will be saved as Note nodes in a Workspace called "Evernote" (the Workspace is created automatically the first time you integrate Evernote).

Integration Options

Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the Evernote import page to see the options.

1. Go to Workspace – Easily redirect to the Evernote Workspace using this option.

2. Show History Log - See the History of your Evernote integration.

You can see the date when you did the integration along with the number of Nodes created.

3. Update sync - This option is available after the cooldown period is over. By clicking on this option you can do the Evernote import again.

For the notebooks that are already integrated, you get 2 options:

  • Import Everything: Using this you can update the content of your already imported notes.

  • Import only new Notes: Using this only new notes in that Notebook will be imported.

4. Remove Integration - Remove the Evernote integration. However, the Evernote workspace will remain. To Remove the workspace, you can go to the Workspace and delete it.


  1. There's a cooldown period of 24 hours which means you have to wait 24 hours before doing another Evernote integration. We are working on reducing this cooldown period to a few hours.

  2. If you made changes in a doc in Evernote, there's no automatic sync option. However, there's an "update" option whereby you can integrate the same Notebook again and have 2 options:

    • Import everything
    • Import only new notes