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Rich: your personal ChatGPT

v2.19.0 – (3rd May 2023)


Introducing Rich, an intelligent AI-Assistant that answers all your questions. Just like ChatGPT, ask anything you want to know about your things, and Rich will instantly answer.

Imagine an AI-Assistant that can answer personal questions like:

  • “Does my insurance cover accidents when travelling?”

  • “How much did I pay in electricity in June?”

  • “What’s the break clause of the ACME contract?”

  • “Outline the key takeaways of X presentation”

  • “What restaurants has Jacob recommended me in London?”

Keep in mind that Rich is still in the early days of what it can really do! It's still in Beta.

How does Rich work?

Ask any personal question that comes to mind. Rich will respond and show you where it based the answer from – if it’s from something you’ve saved, you’ll see the relevant nodes. Otherwise, it will answer from its general knowledge.

Rich is trained to learn from your knowledge, so the more things you save & create, the more knowledgable it becomes.

Use Rich to get insights, knowledge, conclusions, summaries of your research… You name it!

PLEASE NOTE: To answer your questions, Rich first needs to learn everything saved to date. It can only answer questions about things it has learned. So when you’re in the chat, you'll need to click “Learn” in the popup that appears for Rich to learn your current nodes. Alternatively, you can see the AI status of each node (whether it's been learned or not) when you're in the specific node. You can also learn it directly from there.

What are some things Rich can do?

  • Analyse contracts & documents

  • Search for insights & deep-dive into the details

  • Answer follow-up questions

  • Summarise your research

  • Remember specific things

What are we building next?

We’re working on improving Rich and the extent of knowledge it can learn (Properties, Albums, Relationship context...). Rich is in Beta, so do give us feedback when you try it out. You can do it directly from the “answer options” in the chat.

Other than that, we will soon launch more integrations (Google Docs, Quip and Dropbox Paper) as well as the ability to upload folders to myReach. Stay tuned!

Try Rich out and let us know how it’s working!