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The Company

Who's behind myReach?

We are a small dynamic team split between Barcelona and Switzerland, of hackers and passionate developers, some with PhDs and Post-Docs. 🧑‍💻 Our team consists of diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in software development, AI, marketing, design and knowledge management. Our Founder and CEO is Christopher Payne, feel free to connect with him! 👋

With myReach, we want to build the ultimate Second Brain to help people and companies with their Knowledge Management, ultimately increasing their productivity and performance.

If you like the vision of myReach, upgrade to Premium (coming soon) or share your thoughts in our Community Forum. Your support will directly be used to build the best tool for knowledge management. 🚀


What's the story?

myReach was founded in 2018 with the aim of modernising traditional storage methods, transforming the way people manage and access their digital knowledge.

Here’s the thing: according to Mckinsey & Company, the average employee spends more than 24% of their time searching for information. That’s more than one day a week!! 🤯 With myReach, our mission is to reduce this down to 1% by replacing the archaic system of folders with an intelligent network that mimics exactly how our memory works so you can search how you think.

This is why we founded myReach. And we’re only just getting started – We’ve got big plans to revolutionise the way we work and connect with our data. Check out our Roadmap for a peak into what’s coming. 👀