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What are Comments?

Comments provide a way to enhance the interaction around nodes within the App. They allow you to add text-based annotations, messages, or discussions related to specific nodes.

Key Features

Adding Comments:

  1. Open the node to which you want to add a comment.
  2. Go to the "Comments" section.
  3. Cick on '+' and Enter your comment in the provided text field.
  4. Optionally, you can add a Web Url to your comment for additional context or reference.

Formatting Comments: You can format your comments to enhance readability and emphasise specific aspects. The comment editor supports various text formatting options.

Editing Comments: If you need to make changes to a comment, simply select it and an edit option will be available. This allows you to refine your comments for clarity or accuracy.

Managing Comments: Comments can be deleted or copied as needed. You have the flexibility to remove outdated or irrelevant comments or duplicate them for use in other contexts.

Future Enhancements:

While comments in myReach are currently text-based, the development team is actively working on expanding the capabilities of comments to enhance collaboration and user engagement further. Future updates will introduce the following features:

User Attribution: The ability to see who wrote each comment, providing transparency and accountability in collaborative environments.

Mentions: The ability to mention other users within comments, allowing for targeted notifications and more interactive discussions.

Properties within Comments: The option to add properties within comments, providing structured information and metadata to support discussions.