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Markdown import and security enhancements

v2.27.0 – (31st January 2024)


Our latest update introduces substancial security enhancements, the highly anticipated Markdown import feature and the capability to import nested folders all at once.

For Evernote users, this last one also addresses the issue of multiple Workspaces, offering a more streamlined experience.

Word & Markdown import


Markdown support has been a key request among users in the Community Forum, so we made it happen.

You can now import all your Markdown files into myReach as Notes.

How does it work?

  • Upload a single MD file or a folder with all your MD notes in it
  • MD files will be created as Notes
  • All folders become Tags and will automatically be connected to the relevant Notes

This can also be done with Word, by uploading all your .docx files.

Upload folders within folders


Major upgrade! You can now save a folder with folders in it too.

What does this mean?

Rather than uploading each individual folder separately, myReach allows you to import all your data in one go, even if a folder contains multiple sub-folders.

The nested folders are converted into Tags, and are automatically linked to its associated items as well as to the main folder.

Benefits? It saves you from the tedious task of manually uploading files, giving you more time to concentrate on your priority tasks

Evernote integration upgrade

Instead of creating one Workspace per Notebook, when you integrate Evernote a single Workspace is created. In this setup, Notebooks become Tags, that are automatically linked to each item within the respective Notebook.

ex: 10 Notebooks = 1 Workspace with 10 Tags

Security enhancements

myReach accounts are now equipped with advanced inbuilt security mechanisms, designed to detect and block threats such as spam, phishing and malware when uploading files.

In addition, we’re on the road to obtaining the ISO 27001 certification for our Information Security Management System. This is a game-changer that establishes myReach’s security protocol.

That's it for now. We've got more exciting updates coming soon, stay tuned.

Issues or feedback? Let us know in the myReach Forum and we’ll get right back to you. 😉

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