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Integrate your Google Maps

v2.14.0 – (15th December 2022)


Google Maps is a great way to save all your favourite restaurants, holiday spots and important addresses.

What if you could take it one step further and add date reminders, connections to contacts, linked categories and a powerful search function?

That’s what myReach is for; to take you one step further.

Integrate Google Maps Pins

Add all your saved Google pins with just one click and make life easier when looking for something. For instance, filter your search for saved restaurants by price point, type of cuisine, rating, location, etc.

  • ex: Italian restaurants in Manhattan with a price point between X$ and Y$ and more than 4 stars.

Create New Nodes from a Mention

You can now seamlessly create new nodes on the go, while you’re writing things down in the middle of a meeting.

  • ex: If John isn’t part of your current contacts integration, you can still reference him in your notes and create a Tag on the fly.

Choose your Default Workspace

The default workspace is the go-to automatic workspace for everything you save. Once a node is created the workspace can still be changed, but choosing your default one allows for a seamless save-to-app experience.

Select your Default Custom Properties

These custom properties are specific to each node type, and will appear by default every time you create a new node. For instance:

  • A “reminder” with every contact

  • A “due date” and “status” (to do, doing, done) with every file

Create your Own Tag Types

Personalise the App to your needs by creating your own Tag Types. For example:

  • Tasks / Events

  • Books / Movies

  • Customers / Suppliers

Extracted URLs

If a file or website has URLs in it, they will be detected and extracted. You can then choose whether to create these as nodes and connect them to the original node.