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Import the subpages of any website

v2.29.0 – (15 May 2024)


This new release comes with significant bug fixes and improvements to the search experience, as well as a new feature for saving websites.

A “small” but powerful update, as we’ve made considerable improvements to our internal databases in order to upgrade the speed and performance of myReach.

Website subpages import


When you save a website, you can choose to save its subpages too.

What’s the benefit?

Speed! Rather than saving several pages from the same domain one by one... You can now do it in bulk! Choose the relevant subpages, click “create X websites” and our AI will automatically learn the content of all the selected pages.

This is a key feature for research – for example, you can deep-dive into a company, by saving its homepage and any relevant subpages. Then head to the chat and ask away!

Bug fixes

A quick thank you to all the active users in the Community Forum! We’ve resolved several of the bugs you reported and we’re currently working on some of your feature requests - stay tuned!

If you encounter any further issues or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to share them with us in the Forum.

Issues or feedback? Let us know in the myReach Forum and we’ll get right back to you. 😉

Check out more about the releases log on our Blog page.