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Google Drive


Connect Google Drive to myReach so you can save your folders and keep them synced, while you use the AI chat to query your files.


Integrating Google Drive with myReach brings your documents to life by allowing you to seamlessly connect, organise, chat and access your files within myReach.

This enhances collaboration, making it easier to manage and retrieve important information from your Google Drive, avoiding endless searches through all the folders.

Steps to Integrate

  1. Go to Profile < Integrations < Google Drive integration

  2. Read the instructions carefully in the “Google Drive Integration” page

  3. Click on CONNECT GOOGLE

  4. Login to your account and give myReach access to your account

  5. myReach will fetch the data you have in your Google Drive and display a list of folders and files

  6. Select the Folders and Files you want to import and click on the Import button

Folders will be imported as Tags and will be automatically connected to the relevant files.

How it works

For Folders:

  1. If name of the folder is updated – The property Google drive version gets updated and for Google Drive name the old and new name are cascaded.
  2. If folder is moved – The new relation gets added to the new folder tag + the old relation will old folder stays, and the version gets updated.
  3. If there are folders with same name in different parent folders, then
    • Only 1 tag node will be created for same name folders but will be related to both parent nodes and 2 Guids and Urls values are added in custom properties. Version will be 1 only.
    • If 1 folder name is updated from same name folders then no new node will be created, only the name in properties will be added along with old one and also version is updated.
    • If new folder is imported having same name – the properties guid , url are cascaded and version is updated + Path relation is added in the tag created in point a.

For Files: pdf, docx, audio, video, excel etc

  1. If name of the file is updated – The custom property Google drive version is updated and for google drive name is replaced with new name. Name of node stays same.
  2. If file is moved – The new relation(edge) is added + old relation(edge) is not deleted, and version is updated
  3. If file is modified/content is updated – The version is updated + old file is replaced by new.
  4. If file size > 50 mb – A file is not imported to myReach and in mail notification it should show import failed:1

For Google Drive created Files: You can import the files created in Google Drive as well. For example Google drive docs, spreadsheets, Ppt, Forms etc