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Map View & Database Import

v2.12.0 – (14th October 2022)



This might be one of our biggest releases yet!

The App now has a Map View, bulk import of multiple nodes, audio transcription, and so much more. Scroll down to find out more!

New View: MAP

View all your nodes in a map! You asked for it, we made it happen.

  • Save your addresses and filter by location Property to find them.

  • Remember where you were when you saved something and find it faster when you need it.

  • Connect locations to memories, friends, events, etc.

New Tag Type: PLACE

Until now you could save 3 types of Tags: Topics, Companies and Contacts. Now, save Places too by dropping a pin or searching for it directly!

  • Google search for a place directly in myReach.

  • Save a Place with just one click and connect it to other nodes.

Import Database

Save time by uploading multiple nodes at once! How?

  1. Go to your Profile > Integrations > Import Database

  2. Follow the steps provided

  3. Add properties, comments, relationships and anything you want to save in myReach

  4. Import the CSV!

Audio File Transcription

Audio files and videos are automatically transcribed so you can search what was said in the audio.

Name A Relationship

Swipe right to name the relationship between 2 nodes.

  • ex: a friend sends me a list of recommended Restaurants in Paris. I save it in the App, add a relationship to my friend. Now I can swipe right and name the relationship: “recommended by”.

  • It’s also useful to describe the connection between Contacts and Companies (ex: “brother of” X contact, “CEO of” X company, etc).

Search List of Relationships

We added a Search bar in the Relationships of a Node, so you can search directly through the list of relationships.

  • Very useful to find what you’re looking for when there’s hundreds of relationships in a node.