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References for Chat Answers and OCR

v2.22.0 – (28th June 2023)


We’ve been working on our AI features to continue improving your experience in the App.

The focus for this release has been on the source of Rich’s answers as well as document and image OCR with scanned documents.

NOTE: for those who tried logging into their accounts on Monday while the App was down for the release, thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience – it took longer than expected.

See the exact source of Rich’s answers

Until now, when you asked a question to Rich you could see which nodes were used to answer your questions.

We’ve taken it one step further.

You can now see the exact chunk of text that Rich used to answer your questions.

No more problems with hallucinations of LLMs!

Document & Image OCR

Our powerful AI is now able to read scanned documents so you can now ask any question about your scanned documents and Rich will be able to answer you!