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Instant Answer Streaming

v2.21.0 – (13th June 2023)


Speed is always our number one priority.

So for this release, the focus was clear: improving the speed of the chat.

And our tech team made it happen! 🚀

Faster Chat with Streaming

We've made fixes to Rich’s answers and considerably improved the speed. Among other things, we’ve integrated streaming so you can see the answers as they're being written.

The result: better & faster experience.

Automatic Picture Description

Our AI keeps on delivering! Upload an image to myReach and you’ll see an accurate description of the image by default.

This makes it much easier when you’re searching for a specific picture!

Tag Recommendations - Beta Release

Based on the content of any uploaded image, our powerful AI extracts and recommends relevant Tags.

This feature is in Beta, and we’re continuously working on improvements. So bare with us if a picture of a dog sometimes detects the Tag “dogs” and “wolves” too! 🤭

Who knows - you might get some fun results. If you do get wrong Tags, share the funniest ones with us on Twitter.

Our team will continue improving the recognition software while we all get a laugh. 🏷