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Markdown & convert Files to Notes

v2.18.0 – (13th March 2023)


The new features we develop are often the result of users asking for them in our Forum.

At one stage, it was the Map view. More recently users asked for an Evernote integration. This time it’s Markdown support and converting Word Files to notes.

Import Markdown and Docx

Click on the “import” icon on the top right corner of the creation, to import markdown and docx files automatically as Notes.

Convert Word Files into Notes

With any Word file you have two options:

  1. Keep it as a docx

  2. Convert it into a Note to keep on working and editing it.

Upload New File Versions

Have you modified a file saved that’s already in myReach? Head to the version that’s in the App, click on “Upload New Version” and replace the file with the new and updated version. The old one automatically disappears.

Major improvements in the speed of the App – especially with searching! Try it out.