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Bringing AI to your Browser

v2.20.1 – (9th June 2023)


If a browser extension could be a product by itself, the new myReach Web Clipper would be the ultimate browsing revolution.

Instant searches from a web page, ask questions, and save it in one click, all without leaving your current webpage.

Powerful Web Extension

A complete revamp to our Web Extension. Save websites, import your bookmarks, search for anything, chat directly with Rich and much more with a simple command interface.

  • πŸ’» Save Websites – with just one click

  • πŸ”Ž Search for nodes saved in your myReach account

  • πŸ“ Save Notes – right click on any highlighted text. Choose if you just want to save the note or create an automatic relationship to the website

  • πŸ“š Import your bookmarks directly to myReach

  • πŸ€– Chat with Rich straight from the extension – ask it anything about your knowledge

  • 🏎️ Use shortcuts to open the extensions directly

  • ... and much more!

πŸ’‘ TIP: If the Extension doesn’t update automatically, remove it and install it again. Make sure you accept the permissions to use all of its functionalities.

Improvements to the Learning of Files

We adapted the method in which files are learnt, to increase accuracy and results. This has significantly improved the learning of files, as well as the types of files that can be learnt.

Our AI can now learn audio transcriptions, Excel files, more types of PDFs, all Word docs, large documents, in addition to all previously learnt file types.