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Quip Pages

Import any Quip page as a Note in myReach.


Integrating Quip Pages with myReach simplifies collaboration by merging the power of dynamic documents with your knowledge base. You can seamlessly connect, organise and access Quip content within myReach, enhancing teamwork and streamlining information retrieval.

Steps to Integrate

  1. Go to Profile < Integrations < Quip pages

  2. Read the instructions carefully

  3. Click on OPEN QUIP

  4. Login to your account and give myReach access to you account

  5. Select the documents you want to import and Export them as a Word file

  6. Click on Import File

  7. Select the exported docx files to import in myReach and Click Open

The imported file will be saved as a Note

There's no cooldown period. You can do another Quip Pages integration once the previous integration has finished.

Integration Options

Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the “Migrate Quip” integration page to see the options.

1. Go to Workspace - Using this option, you can redirect to the Quip Workspace easily.

2. Show History Log - See the Import History of your Quip integration.

You can see the date when you did the integration along with the number of Nodes created.

3. Remove Integration - Using this option you can Remove the Quip integration.

The Quip workspace will also be removed and nodes unique to the Quip Workspace will be moved to the “Unassigned” Workspace.


  1. Only docx files can be integrated

  2. Files > 50MB cannot be imported