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A file, document or image added to a Note to provide additional context or information.

AI Chat

A feature that allows users to interact with an artificial intelligence system to ask questions, seek information and get insights about their data added in myReach. The AI Chat is called "Rich".


A virtual reward or achievement given to users based on specific activities or accomplishments in the App.

Board View

A visual display of nodes organised in a board-like structure, providing a quick overview of information.

Browser Extension

A tool integrated into web browsers to enhance functionality. It's used to save, organise and interact with online content. Available in Chrome or Firefox.

Card View

A visual display of nodes organised in the form of cards, providing an image preview and short section of information.


Text or notes added to a Node to provide feedback, context, or additional information.


A virtual unit of value or reward, earned through various activities and achievements. Credits can be used to pay for Premium features (coming soon).

Daily Enigma

A daily challenge or quiz that users can participate in for rewards.

Extracted URLs

Web links automatically identified and extracted from the content of a node.


An online community or discussion platform where myReach users can engage, share ideas, request features, report bugs and seek help.


The use of ranks, rewards and achievements to enhance user engagement and experience in the App.


The connection of external tools, services and platforms with myReach for enhanced functionality.

Knowledge Base

The centralised repository with all the data the user has saved in myReach. It's the core of the App, used to store and organise knowledge for easy access and retrieval.


A user's progression or status within myReach, associated with completed tasks or ranks.

List View

A visual display of nodes organised in a list, providing a detailed overview of information.

Map View

A visual display of nodes on a map, used to show geographical properties and relationships.


A reference to another node in myReach by tagging or mentioning it in a Note.


Each piece of data saved in myReach is considered a Node (a file, website, note, etc). It's the basic unit of information in the App.


Attributes or characteristics associated with a node, providing additional details or metadata.


A user's position or level within a hierarchical system based on their activity and engagement in the App.


AI-powered suggestions of relevant connections in a user's data. There are 4 types of recommendations:

1. Node similarity
2. Locations, Contacts, Companies and Tags
3. Identified objects
4. Extracted URLs


A connection between two nodes, indicating a thematic or contextual link. A node can have multiple relationships.


The AI Chat of myReach. It allows users to interact with an artificial intelligence system to ask questions, seek information and get insights about their data added in myReach.


An AI-generated summary created for all Files, Websites and Notes saved in the App. The summary can be found in the Properties Tab of the Node.


A type of Node that can be saved in myReach. It can either be a Topic, Place, Company or Contact. It can be connected to another Node for categorisation and easy retrieval.


A type of Tag, used to create categories or subjects associated with nodes, helping to group related information.

Trash Workspace

A designated Workspace for temporarily storing deleted nodes before permanent removal.

Unassigned Workspace

A Workspace where Nodes are placed when no specific Workspace is selected when saving, or because their original Workspace is deleted.


A 3D visual display of nodes that provides a visual representation of data, relationships, or patterns in 3D.


An organisational space within myReach where Nodes are grouped based on a common theme or project.