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Powerful Notes & more

v2.13.0 – (23rd November 2022)

myReach has never been considered just a note-taking App… In fact notes were never really a Star-feature of the App. Until now…💥

This new update is the game-changer that all note-takers have been waiting for.



In-Text Relationships

With a single click, mention any node from your network while you’re typing. This way, you can connect things directly to the text of your note. For example:

  • Meeting with Mary Roberts to go over the Financial Summary of ACME.

Each of these mentions is automatically connected. So you can quickly jot down ideas on the go or while you’re in a meeting, to find them faster later on.

Add Attachments

You can now add attachments inside of the note too. Whether it’s for visual purposes when you return to the note, or for quicker access to a document you’re referencing, it works like a charm! ✨

Rich Text Editor

Format your text the way you want it! Choose the font, make it bold, highlight it, change the colour, add a heading, underline it, etc. With myReach, your notes are completely personalisable.

View Mentions In Multiple Ways

Choose how you want to see each mention within the text. There’s 3 options:

  • Tag (small text with node icon, highlighted in the colour of the node)

  • List (similar to List View, with preview of the node & some info)

  • Card (biggest format, preview takes up the whole width of the screen)

Convert Attachments to Nodes

An attachment within the note can be converted into a separate node as well, with just one click. This is particularly useful if the attachment also has to be linked to other nodes.