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New Creation, Registration & Speed

v2.16.0 – (25th January 2023)


Sometimes updates are barely noticeable at first glance. Other times they’re revolutionary. Guess which one this is…

A complete revamp to the creation of nodes, more flexibility with renaming and deleting properties, the ability to convert audio to text notes, and more… All while improving the speed and performance of the App.

BIG update: New Node Creation!

It’s now easier and more intuitive - you can now create a node from anywhere in the App without being redirected to another page. We’ve also added a shortcut for integrations on the top right corner of the creation pop-up. And we’ve updated our workspace templates!

New Onboarding

The onboarding of the App has been improved, to a cleaner and more discrete design. The spotlight is targeted to specific functionalities of myReach that help improve the experience. You might not know about all the hold-click and swipe-right shortcuts, so don’t miss them!

Faster and Better

We’ve drastically improved the way data is structured in our databases to maximise the speed and performance of the App. This has made the creation, editing and uploading considerably faster.

Edit, Rename and Delete Properties

You can now permanently delete the properties you don’t want, in order to declutter your space and personalise your account to your preference. In addition, rename existing properties or create default ones that will appear automatically every time you create a specific type of node.

Convert Audio and Screenshots to Text

Our powerful AI is making magic! For every node (audio or image with text), you can “Preview the Extracted Content” and transcribe it into a Note. A relationship is created between the original node and the new Note.