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Increased Quota & New Card View

v2.25.2 – (21st September 2023)


In case you didn’t know, our Product Development is based on user feedback. What does this mean?

The features we release are the features YOU ask for in our Community Forum.

This time, it’s:

1️⃣ increasing the quota of the Chatbot Rich

2️⃣ adding a Card View

3️⃣ fixing the import of CSVs

4️⃣ general bug fixes

Increased Chat Word Limit

It’s great to see so many users reaching the word limit. The Subscription Plan is almost ready (just waiting for the approval of Apple to finish setting it up).

In the meantime, we’ve significantly improved the quota limitations to allow you to chat more 🤖 you can now write 100 messages per month to Rich. 💬

For those who want more, keep an eye out for the launch of our Subscription Plans.

New Card View

You can now view your data in a mosaic gallery!

If you like seeing things with more visuals and imagery, this one’s for you. ✨

CSV Import Fix

We fixed an issue with the import of CSV’s which caused them not to process correctly.