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The Product

What is myReach

myReach is an AI-powered app that serves as your second brain, designed to be your personal knowledge hub. 🧠

It allows you to save and organise various types of digital data (files, websites, pictures, notes, contacts and more). With the help of the AI assistant, Rich, myReach becomes an intelligent AI-powered chat that answers all your questions about your saved data.

It can help you with tasks including:

  • Answering questions

  • Onboarding new hires

  • Providing support and troubleshooting

  • Bringing new ideas and insights

  • Organising and planning projects

  • Managing tasks and tracking progress

  • Taking notes and creating outlines

  • Building a knowledge base or a team wiki

myReach currently works on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. You can also use it in a web browser with the same features and powerful browser extensions. 🖥

myReach App

Benefits / Competitive advantages

myReach enhances productivity by enabling you to connect ideas, manage data and find information quickly, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive results.

myReach empowers you to store and access your knowledge effortlessly. With Rich’s assistance, you can find information quickly without the need to remember exact file names or locations. It boosts productivity, streamlines workflows and improves collaboration. myReach becomes your go-to tool for organising and recalling information with ease.

  • For instance, rather than reading through endless pages of a contract, ask Rich about it. You don’t even need to find the PDF, just open the Chat and ask away.

  • What if you’ve found an interesting article but it’s too long? Ask Rich to summarise it.

  • And if you’re travelling somewhere and a friend once sent you recommendations about the place. Get Rich to remind you what those were.

As long as it’s saved in myReach you can ask Rich anything about your things and it will answer. 🤖 It’s like a ChatGPT, but for your things.

You can use myReach to store a wide range of digital data, from business files and important documents to personal notes and website bookmarks. 📑 It’s your personal database to save and connect everything relevant to you, making information retrieval a breeze.

Work contracts, business reports, client profiles, project presentations, industry research, etc.

And when you’re not working, you can also plan your next trip, save research, write your thoughts on the go and save anything that comes to mind, for later.

Avoid having 50 open tabs… And keep everything within reach with myReach! ✅

How does myReach differentiate from competitors?

The use of the LLM for search is only one of the many functionalities of myReach.

The main underlying principle of myReach is to change the key underlying premise of how data is stored. Replacing the archaic system of folders by an intuitive graph database that mimics the way our brain works – where your knowledge is interconnected based on context – just like our memory.

With that in mind, there are various functionalities that simply don't exist in most other tools like relationships between documents, in-text note references to other items, properties, 3D visualisation of your knowledge base, etc.

All of these combined in one tool, and with an added powerful chat powered by AI – that’s myReach’s competitive advantage! 💥