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YouTube videos & improved AI

v2.25.0 – (6th September 2023)


What if I told you there’s no need to sit through an entire video tutorial to understand it?

You could ask a chatbot any question and it would answer in seconds.

That’s what our AI-powered chatbot can now do!

Extract YouTube Audio

You can now save any YouTube video 📹 and the audio content will be extracted and learned so you can ask any question.

A 45 minute tutorial video can now be replaced by a few questions to an AI-powered chat. Now that’s a real time-saver! ⏱

Album Recommendations

Our AI is getting better by the minute.

We’ve significantly improved image analysis 📸, and added recommendations for Albums.

So when you upload an Album 🏞, rather than manually adding #Tags, you can search through all the recommended Tags and create them on the go. ✨

In addition, there have also been significant improvements to Web content extraction, and we’ve added a new onboarding flow!