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Google Maps

The integration of Google Maps into myReach provides many advantages for users looking to manage and use location-based data more effectively.


Integrating Google Maps Pins with myReach transforms your location-based data into a powerful knowledge network.

It simplifies access to saved places, streamlines organisation and opens up new possibilities for managing and exploring your tagged locations.

It's like having a personalised map that connects seamlessly with your broader information ecosystem (including notes, websites, files, etc).

Steps to Integrate

  1. Go to Profile < Integrations < Google Maps

  2. Read the instructions provided in the Integration page carefully

  3. Paste the valid URL of the shared Pin list and click "Import Pins"

  4. All the Saved places will be imported as Tags, more specifically Tag type: PLACE

NOTE: For every different Shared List, a new Workspace will be created.

There's no cooldown period. You can integrate another Google Maps Pins list once the previous integration is imported completely.

Integration Options

Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the Import Google Maps Pins integration page to see the options.

1. Go to Workspace - Using this option, you can easily redirect to the Google Pins Workspace.

2. Show History Log – Here you can see the Import History of your Google Maps Pins integration.

You can see the date when you did the integration along with the number of Nodes created.

3. Remove Integration - Using this option you can Remove the Google Maps Pins integration.

The Google Map Pins Workspace will also be removed and nodes unique to the Google Maps Pins Workspace will be moved to the “Unassigned” Workspace.


  1. Sync option is not available, to reflect the updates in the Google Maps shared list