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What are Nodes


Nodes are any item that you save to the App (file, website, note, contact, place, topic, picture, video, album, etc.). Every single item is considered a Node.

Nodes can be connected to each other to form Relationships, just like in your memory. You can also add Properties to nodes to classify, organise and find them faster. 

Nodes are saved or created in Workspaces. Each node can be in a single Workspace or multiple Workspaces.

Node Sections

Within each node, there are different tabs with information about the Node.

These tabs make it easy to manage and work with your data, providing quick access to various aspects of your items and their related information.

Node Sections

Here is a breakdown:

Relationships: Any connections between this item and other data are shown here. You can add relationships using the "+" button.

Our AI also gives automatic recommendations, which are shown with ⚡️ icon towards right side of the name of the Node. You can see additional recommendations using the ⚡️ icon.

Items can be linked to data in the same Workspace, or in any other Workspace too.

Properties: Any specific Properties or attributes that you add to the Node (like Tags, dates or categories) can be viewed and edited in this tab.

Comments: This is where you can view or add comments related to the Node.

Workspaces: This tab lets you see which Workspaces the Node belongs to. It helps you organise your data effectively. A Node can be in multiple Workspaces

Items: (only for Albums) Here you can see the items in your Album, displayed as cards.

Note: (only for Notes) This is where the content of your Note is located. You can click on it to write, edit and format your Note.

Attachments: (only for Notes) Any files or documents you've attached to the note are listed here.